Losing someone it’s not easy. Griving is an essential step in the process of accepting the death of someone, but it can be really difficult sometimes, and the urns that exist nowadays don’t help at all. This object can be really impersonal and cold, not representing the loved one that has gone. Ka-Ba is a new way to keep the ashes without being dismal or uncomfortable. Also, Ka-Ba allow the division of the ashes by compacting them with ceramic. The material is composed of a 60% of gres, and a 40% of ashes. When the ceramic is baked, the ashes are fossilized eternally in the tiles. Each of of them containing 100gr. of ashes. As all the process and materials are natural, it’s 100% ecologic.

The packaging is really important as it provides a wooden base to put the tile in order to have it at home if wanted. The bases have three different positions to keep just one tile, or more. Moreover, the bases keep the ceramic protected and safe. The name Ka-Ba is composed of two words that refer to different parts of the human spirit. Ka, is the one part that stays with the deceased person; Ba is the part passes to their loved ones.


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